Robert Portillo

As the founder of Nimbus Marketing and Conversion Rate Optimization Consultants, Robert Portillo has dedicated over 16 years to perfecting the art and science of conversion rate optimization (CRO). With nearly two decades optimizing websites and campaigns to maximize conversion performance, Robert brings a wealth of CRO knowledge and hands-on experience driving transformational growth for brands through improved conversions.

Robert first delved into CRO services back in 2007, recognizing the huge impact that minor changes could make in turning site visitors into customers. He immersed himself in experimenting and fine-tuning pages and funnels, poring over heatmaps and clicktracking data to pinpoint friction and opportunities. Through rigorous A/B testing and personalization, Robert learned how to capture more emails, sell more products, and boost conversion rates across devices.

As Robert continued honing his conversion rate optimization skills, he saw an opportunity to make these benefits accessible to more companies. He founded Nimbus Marketing in 2009 to provide advanced CRO services to brands seeking to accelerate their digital growth. Through Nimbus, Robert oversees conversion audits, designs and runs split tests, analyzes behavior with session replays and heatmaps, and rolls out highly-targeted personalization campaigns. He goes beyond surface-level CRO to uncover root issues inhibiting conversion performance for each unique business.

Robert further expanded his conversion optimization services by co-founding Conversion Rate Optimization Consultants. As Principal CRO Consultant, he assembles top-tier teams to deliver full-funnel CRO solutions tailored to each client’s conversion challenges. With a methodology backed by the latest CRO research and tools, Robert has the proof points to demonstrate the revenue impact of addressing conversion leaks across the entire customer journey.

A vocal advocate for optimizing conversion rates, Robert also founded the 5,000+ member Facebook group CRO Junkies. This community allows him to share CRO best practices and foster meaningful discussions around driving website conversions. As part of his dedication to CRO education, Robert frequently speaks at marketing conferences and works one-on-one with brands on conversion strategy and execution.

When he’s not wholly immersed in the world of conversion rate optimization services, Robert enjoys sports, music, and spending time with his two sons. But with over 300 published articles on conversion topics circulating online, it’s clear that helping businesses turn more site visitors into customers remains Robert’s foremost passion.