What Is Conversion Rate Optimization?

What Is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a term that is often used in marketing circles. However, the term may not be familiar to many webmasters. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) describes the process of raising the actual percentage of site visitors or clients taking a desired action from a web page. CRO can be defined as the ability of a web page or site to receive a specific action, such as a "click through", "visit", or "permanent link". In other words, CRO increases the amount of results that a web page or site receives from the use of a given link or action.

As stated above, the purpose of CRO is to achieve or reach a goal. This goal could be in the form of increased website traffic or sales. It could also be described as reaching a specified goal in time, such as improving search engine rankings. CRO is therefore intertwined with the process of planning and implementing goals, as well as the measurement and evaluation of those goals.

CRO includes elements such as measuring conversion rates, analyzing exit rates, and developing and monitoring customer flow. A wide range of tools and methods are available to help with the development of conversion metrics. Conversion rate optimization tools and methods include web surveys, web analytics, and advanced visitor tracking systems. Web analytics tools and methods include comprehensive analyses of web visitors, e-mail and registration data, web server logs, and statistical analysis.

There are many factors that need to be considered when developing or maintaining conversion rate optimization strategies. The purpose of CRO includes many different objectives, some of which are listed below. First, an optimized website will draw more visitors. Second, optimized websites will increase sales. Third, an optimized website will provide increased usability for customers.

The first objective refers to attracting a large amount of traffic. Increasing the number of visitors can be done through improving search engine rankings. Webmasters should also consider increasing page views by including meta tags, informative content, and keywords in titles. These techniques can make a site appear higher in search engine results, allowing for a greater chance of attracting more visitors.

The second objective is to increase sales. A high-conversion rate optimization strategy will draw more traffic to a website, resulting in an improved overall revenue stream. Several methods can be used to increase conversion rates, including pay-per-click advertising and paid inclusion in search engines. Other methods, such as viral marketing campaigns, content marketing, and social media marketing campaigns, can also help. Conversion rates can also be improved through the use of content optimization tools, such as keyword tools and content optimizing tools.

Another objective of conversion rate optimization is to increase usability. Websites are designed to provide users with the information they need. If these users are unable to efficiently utilize the information provided on the site, users will likely click off the site, never to return. Learning how to optimize pages for beginners, through the use of article marketing, is an important step in making sure a site is user-friendly. This objective can also be achieved through the use of various web pages, which include informational pages, contact pages, or help sections.

Finally, conversion rate optimization should make a site appealing to visitors. Many users turn to search engines, rather than user-friendly sites, when they are looking for a product or service. To learn more about how to optimize your site for a higher conversion rate, register for a copy of WebProNews's webinars. You'll learn what topics and bullet points to emphasize and expand on, what techniques work best and more.

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