Split Testing For eCommerce Websites - The Conversion Maturity Model Explained

If you've been struggling to increase your conversion rate, you've likely wondered how to get started. Conversion Rate Optimization can be a complex process that involves testing several different versions of the same page or variable to determine which one performs best. This article will explain the basics of split testing, both A/B and multivariate, as well as provide tips for split testing protocol. If you're not sure how to begin, read on to learn the basics of conversion rate optimization and how you can improve your online business.

During the conversion process, the visitor must be able to complete their goal. This can be achieved by tweaking the site to increase the conversion rate. eCommerce conversion rate optimization involves tweaking the design and navigation of a site, which is different from conversion optimization for paid advertisements. To optimize your site, consider the number of organic search results, including the keyword phrases that drive traffic to the website. Ideally, your website should convert as much traffic as possible.

Despite the growing importance of conversion rate optimization, it can be difficult to implement. To evaluate how mature your company is in implementing this strategy, look at the Conversion Maturity Model. Not all dimensions will be at the same maturity level. Some companies may be at an intermediate stage, with tools and technology, but not process and culture. Others may not even have a formal conversion rate optimization position on their organizational chart. This is a common problem.

Online traffic is highly unpredictable. If your site cannot get visitors into a conversion funnel, they are unlikely to return or take the action you want them to. An effective campaign will increase the conversion rate. So how do you get started? By creating an effective campaign. Once you've got it down, your conversion rate will skyrocket. So what's the next step? It all starts with a simple test. The more you test, the more you'll know which is working.

Most changes to the website require approval from IT. However, some companies have a formalized conversion rate optimization team. There are full-time employees dedicated to the process. In general, the CRO team reports to the CMO, and some projects are under the sole control of the marketing department. For most projects, however, IT will have to approve the change. In addition, some landing pages and microsites are under the control of marketing, but the main website design is still under the control of IT.

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