Conversion rate optimization consultant

Conversion optimization: Improve your website's conversion rate

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The Benefits of Hiring a Conversion Optimization Specialist

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Conversion Optimization Consultant

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Conversion optimization

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Growth Marketing funnel

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Understand the importance of user experience in conversion rate optimization

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How to Optimize for Conversion Rate: Tips from an Expert

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The Key to Effective CRO: Understanding User Behavior

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Digital advertising: Use electronic media to reach a target audience

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The Importance of Quality Assurance in Conversion Rate Optimization

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What is conversion rate optimization and what does a conversion rate optimization consultant do

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Call to action: One of the most effective ways to increase your conversion rate

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The Benefits of an Integrated SEO and Content Marketing Strategy

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How to Hire an conversion rate optimization Agency that Delivers Results

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What are the Different Types of Social Media Platforms and Which One Should I Use for My Business?

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What You Need to Know About Conversion Rate Optimization Consultants

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Learn about the different types of customers and how they can impact your conversion rate

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Case studies from real-world examples of successful conversion rate optimization campaigns

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Common mistakes made in conversion rate optimization and how to avoid them

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Signs that you Need a Conversion Rate Optimization Consultant

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What are some of the tools and services that a conversion rate optimization consultant provides

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How Much Does a Conversion Rate Optimization Consultant Cost?

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Get the most from your marketing efforts with conversion tracking

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How can a conversion optimization consultant help increase traffic and revenue?

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What are some key things to keep in mind when working with a conversion rate optimization consultant

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Increase Your ROI and Website Conversions by 50% or More!

Hire a Respected Conversion Rate Optimization Consultant

A website that attracts visitors without converting them is like a restaurant full of customers who don't eat.
Improve Your Conversions Now!

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Generate More Website Traffic
With Conversion Rate Optimization

Why work on the search engine optimization of your pages, produce and publish quality content, or spend money on AdWords campaigns and PPC, if no one will go through the whole conversion process?

Your website or ecommerce website's number one objective is to generate sales, no matter the nature of your industry, your field, your skills, and your goals. But this is just the starting point of a business’ goal to convert visitors into: 

  • Customers
  • Readers
  • Buyers
  • Subscribers
  • Contacts
  • Followers

To achieve these results, you need to focus on the second goal of your website which is to lead visitors to conversion. And that's the object of a very special approach, the Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). It's about more than just looking at Google Analytics, although Google Analytics can tell you a lot. CRO takes it a step further. And by the way, you're looking to learn more about marketing, you can take a wonderful free digital marketing course at MECLABS. This was created by Flint McLaughlin and his team and its a wonderful course on website conversions.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

CRO is one of those acronyms that is unique to the field of digital marketing. Other common examples would be SEO, SEM, PPC, ROI and so forth. CRO stands for "Conversion Rate Optimization". A conversion rate optimization consultant aims to improve the conversion rates of companies on their website and/or mobile application, or on any other tool used for marketing needs. Conversions are the ultimate goal of all your marketing channels and agencies. There are various entry points that bring visitors to your website:
  • Search engines
  • Emails
  • Digital advertising
  • PPC
  • Social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest
  • Directories
  • External links
But regardless of these traffic increasing tools, you won’t get the results you want unless you transform your online users into customers. Digital marketing does the job for you. Once you get there, your business will be booming, and your goals will be met. Failure to take a conversion rate optimization consultant approach can be a risk, as you would have to invest a large amount of money and effort in traffic acquisition tools that don't work in your field. No conversions = No new customers = No revenue More than a strategy to get more money, conversion optimization is a real philosophy. It is not all about cookies or nice pictures. It is a way of planning the marketing strategy of a business as a whole, and getting results. Like any approach of this kind, it implies having a product or service with high value-added for its future clients or customers. By having the right resources and the right optimization tools, you will see your conversion rates skyrocket. And your return on investment (ROI) will follow with a conversion optimization consultant!

What Do I Mean by Conversion?

A conversion occurs when a potential customer does what companies want them to do. In fact, what you consider a conversion depends on your industry and your needs. 

For an eCommerce business, conversion refers to the moment when visitors purchase one of your products.

For other types of businesses, agencies, and industries, a conversion is more difficult to define. For example, a company that offers high value-added services and resources may consider closed deals as conversion.

How to Transform the Prospect into a Client?

Lead generation is good, but conversion is even better. Nowadays, it is very common to see a potential customer open a website only to leave without having bought anything.

There can be several reasons for this: 

  • Too much waiting 
  • Out of stock
  • Poor product presentation
  • Lack of essential information 
  • Excessively high prices
  • Overly complicated procedure to follow 

These missed sales have a direct impact on your revenue. In many cases, you may underestimate these missed opportunities because you have no visibility whatsoever on lost sales. That’s because they are not measured by basic available tools without using a conversion rate optimization consultant or a digital marketing expert.

conversion rate optimization

It doesn’t have to be that way! My consulting agency can help you take advantage of every person visiting your site, and lead them to micro and/or macro conversions - depending on your needs. Besides, CRO does not involve any risk with a conversion rate optimization strategy. You can achieve the results you aim for very fast. 

Improving your conversion rate optimisation, i.e. meeting the expectations of the website’s visitors, is often the first source of revenue growth with minimal investment. This is what CRO experts are committed to.

According to the experience of CRO Consultant, the challenge is a growth of the average basket with increased customer loyalty. I quickly address the causes of those missed sales and find long term solutions to retain a majority of customers. CRO consultants know the factors that best impact customer conversion optimization through split testing and other testing methodologies.

Conversion Rate Optimization is Key

It is not the number of views that counts, but the conversion rate displayed on a website. It is better to convert more with fewer website visitors than to attract thousands of online users who do not take the slightest action.

If the website conversion rate is one of the indicators most used by SEO professionals and website managers, it is also one of the most misunderstood. Too often associated with the e-commerce sector, it has been confused with the number of purchases made on eCommerce websites.

It cannot be summed up merely as the number of purchases. For example, the conversion rate can increase as a result of a user who:

  • Tries a free demo on your site
  • Requests information or quote
  • Gets in touch
  • Subscribes to a newsletter

Is There a Single Conversion Rate or Several Conversion Rates?

It all depends on the nature of your project and the results you want to achieve. Depending on the complexity of your customer's experience, the amount of conversions to be calculated and optimized may vary. CRO consultants identify these conversion rates accurately. Their analysis helps you improve them in a significant way.

Is the Conversion Rate Taken Into Account by Google to Index Your Website?

The answer is no. And it's not us saying it, it's John Mueller, an analyst and spokesman for Google. According to the Google Analytics specialist, the search engine would indeed be unable to evaluate the conversion rates of the websites it hosts on its SERPs.

Now, this is where you need me. A CRO Conversion Consultant will perform tests and help you set up conversion tracking so you'll know how many of your website visitors are converting. This is a fundamental part of my conversion optimization services. I offer more data than Google Analytics can cover with my conversion rate optimization service. I’m ready to share valuable information that most agencies hide from their clients.

Why is Conversion Rate Optimization So Important?


Since the conversion rates recorded by your website are officially not considered by indexing robots, why are they so important?

First of all, because they reflect the power and quality of your site. A high conversion rate tells you that Internet users are impressed by the user experience you offer them, both from the point of view of the commercial offer and that of the content or navigation. After lead generation, aim for positive usability testing. Ultimately, a quality website implies good search engine positioning. The circle is complete!

Second, the conversion rate is important because a high conversion rate in your conversion funnel means that your site is profitable. And while this is particularly true for e-commerce sites, professional blogs and showcase sites for freelancers are not spared. Whatever the nature of the conversion of the Internet user, its rate reinforces the actions taken to impress clients even more. SEM specialists make sure that trust is being built towards your business

Conversion Rate Optimization Boosts SEO

People often consider Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as separate or even opposing disciplines. 

Where an SEO specialist might want a landing page that has long content and lighter images, a CRO strategy specialist might want shorter, punchier text with large, beautiful images. There is a difference in their roles: SEO specialists focus on how to get visitors to the site, while CRO consultants focus on how to get visitors to buy. 

In practice, the two disciplines cannot work as isolated entities. For a website to be truly successful, search engine optimization and conversion rate optimization must complete each other. A search engine optimization campaign will make you more visible, but will not necessarily bring you more customers. CRO tools will address this problem, but will only do so once you gain that traffic.

Here’s the difference between SEO and CRO in a nutshell: SEO experts get you leads, CRO specialists convert the leads. Different goals, combined efficiency, guaranteed results. The SEO specialist gets you traffic, but the conversion rate optimization specialist turns that traffic into customers.

It's not the volume of traffic that matters for your business, but the quality of that traffic.

Excellent customer experience is one of the keys to the success of a company online. While tools such as Google Analytics allow you to give a useful analysis of user behavior--among other things--the information they provide is often insufficient for you to communicate effectively with your customers. 

Indeed, the actions carried out by Internet users on your website or on your blog do not always reflect their temperament. To improve communication between your professional structure and consumers, you must have a good knowledge of different customer types. Usability testing is very helpful in this situation.

Improve Your Conversions Now!

Different Types of Customers

To optimize the chances of success and increase your current conversion rate, you need to know the tone to adapt according to different customers. 

Experts design customer typologies that allow providers to classify consumers according to their personalities and goals. It offers you the possibility to determine the speech to be held by you or your team depending on the user profile. Here’s a list: 

  • The understanding customer: the ideal customer
  • The aggressive customer: difficult to convince and retain
  • The suspicious customer: difficult to impress
  • The paranoid client: an extremely suspicious person
  • The information-hungry customer: a person requiring a well-prepared speech
  • The "know-it-all" customer: shows power, but very easy to impress
  • The client who is a boaster: a sometimes dangerous individual
  • The thrifty customer: difficult to convert
  • The client in a hurry: a client to prioritize

Don’t forget that, at the end of the day, you are setting terms and conditions. The CRO specialists’ job is to make sure that you keep up with the right audience. 

Tips For Optimizing the Conversion Rate

In order to improve the conversion rate percentages of your site, you must precisely define the objectives you are looking for - with or without the help of SEM experts.

To get people to click where you want them to, you first need to know what you want from your site. In the case of an eCommerce shop, the most important conversion rate generally corresponds to the passage to the purchase. In the case of a site of an independent company, it is the request for an estimate or a contact.

Wherever you can, specify the different conversion rates that punctuate the customer journey on your site. A user first becomes a prospect, before becoming a customer. The more clear their journey, the more effective their optimization will be.

Tip #1: Calls to Action Improvement

Generally speaking, the conversion rates recorded by your site depend on the number of clicks on particular links: these are the calls to action. They must be designed according to the leads that you want your potential clients to follow.

These calls to action are links that lead to:

  • A sales page
  • A newsletter subscription form
  • A contact form

Whatever the nature of your calls to action, optimizing them is the safest way to improve your conversion rate. To do so, the CRO specialist will help you to:

  • Make them visible, with clickable and colored leads, but always relevant and consistent with the rest of the page
  • Carry out A/B testing as well as usability testing to identify the words, formats, and colors that most effectively convert your visitors
  • Inserting data and tests results in the pages of your site, but also at the end of your blog articles if you have engaged a real content strategy
search engine optimization

Tip #2: User Experience Improvement

What could be more frustrating than a 404 redirect, especially if you're about to finalize a purchase? What could be more frustrating than a link that is not landing to the page promised by its anchor, or a heading whose wording doesn't match its content? 

But the question you have to ask yourself is this: How many leads do you lose every day because of unclear web design and customer service? My best advice is to use web analytics and enhance the performance of your website. 

Conversion optimization also depends on smooth and pleasant user experience. Google experts will help you identify the different stages of the user's journey, without them even realizing that they are going through them. Turning visitors into prospects and then into customers is directly dependent on the clarity of your site, both in terms of navigation and content. Information should be accessible and facilitate understanding.

More Helpful CRO Info

Use the AIDA Formula

Let me introduce you to a very simple and quite logical organization that gives exceptional results in sales and advertising. All tests where this formula was used performed well in terms of Search Engine Marketing. Stick your sales process or the way you make your proposals to your customers to the natural buying process of your customers. They won't have the feeling that you are imposing something on them or testing them against their will. A digital marketing consultant can help you with that.

Your sales approach as well as your advertising campaign must therefore respect the AIDA formula. You must first capture the attention of your target customers. Then you must create interest. You must provoke desire in them. And finally, you must make a call to action.

  1. The first phase is about getting to know each other. At this stage, you introduce a brand/agency and the product/service that it markets.
  2. The second phase is the one the user goes through when he/she develops an interest in the leads. How is it relevant to him/her? How does your brand help the user solve a problem that is bothering him/her or achieve a goal that is important to him/her?
  3. In the third phase, the user is clearly developing an affinity or desire for the offer. 
  4. Finally, the last phase is the easiest to understand. The user becomes a client. He acts and buys that much-desired product/service.

The Conversion Rate Optimization Process

The graphic presentation of the information on your website will lead users to draw conclusions about your company. These conclusions will be largely responsible for your conversion rate, and are stronger than any marketing tools. Constant improvement and adaptation is essential to keeping up with the current trends and needs. Web analytics are the best tool to meet that goal.

Optimizing the content, design, and organization of your site to convert more customers, and can contribute to the success of your business. It is essential to use conversion rate optimization services, and to do at least one test or analysis. Search Engine Marketing is the best investment you can make and the only one you really need. Sign up for a consultation now and boost your performance with CRO services!

Measures and Conversion Tracking

To increase conversions, the first step is to collect the necessary data. This is basic information. In fact, it is so basic that it is very often forgotten. This includes:

  • The number of calls 
  • The number of completed forms 
  • The number of reactions 
  • The number of responses to email marketing  
  • The number of purchases 
  • The number of subscriptions 

All of these things are measurable and subject to testing by a CRO agency. They have to be if you want better results. If you're running a business and don't know your average conversion rate percentage, it's time to find out so that you can perform some testing. How can you grow if you don't really know your audience? 

As part of its services, the CRO consultant will help you set up a conversion tracking system and go after the right marketing channels. Tests will allow you to know how many visitors to your site actually convert. It is a fundamental part of my approach because I can then adapt the strategy to your audience and satisfy their needs. Let’s schedule a consultation today!

conversion rate optimization revenue

Adding a Value Proposition

A value-added proposition is often the best way to increase conversion rates. What is a value proposition? A value proposition is a section of the website. It is located at the top of the home page and consists of:

  1. An eye-catching title that catches the eye 
  2. A short subtitle that turns attention into interest
  3. An attractive and exclusive proposal 
  4. A call to action
  5. An illustration

Address Customer’s Objections

Clients have a problem, you have a solution. After you have built your value proposition, it is possible that the visitor still hasn't acted upon it. That is what I will be testing. Most of the time your customer needs more information to make an enlightened decision. So it's time to tackle the rest of your page to answer their questions and talk about your solutions to their problems.

Have you ever heard about the friend zone when talking about relationships? Well, the same thing happens with potential customers and clients. They might like what you’re selling, but not enough to buy it. The most common objections reported by the CRO consultant are:

  • It’s too expensive 
  • It’s not a good time 
  • Will this work for me?
  • I’m not ready to switch from another product 
  • It takes too long 

The list is long, so here’s a little advice to make it shorter. If all you do is talk about your company and your skills, you’re missing the point. If you want to get better results, it is essential to address clients’ questions, objections, and problems. Listen to feedback and recommendations, and you’ll find the key to success. 

Contact CRO Consultant Today!

Still have questions about the process or my agency? Interested in CRO services? Fill out the form here and get in touch with the digital marketing consultant. Schedule your first consultation, and let the testing begin!

Conversion Rate Optimization Consultant back to top

Why Should You Trust a CRO Consultant?

Robert has been immersed in marketing for 28 years, including 14 years of practice during which he has achieved exceptional results for his own IT companies and for over 100 clients. His IT companies were voted as the best technology services in Los Angeles by Fox LA, Expertise, and several other independent organizations. You can trust him with your eyes closed, as many clients have already done. To name a few, Robert has worked with:

  • UCLA
  • HBO
  • Paramount Pictures
  • Marvel Studios

Not to mention many celebrities who have used his services. He has a wide range of skills: SEO, CRO, computer engineering, and many others. But these days he focuses purely on Conversion Rate Optimization, Search Engine Optimization and Website development for his clients around the world.

Get to know him more by having a look at his Facebook Group, checking out his profile on LinkedIn, or by attending one of his presentations on CRO at an SEO conference.

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