How to Improve Conversion Rate

What is Conversion Optimization? It is a technique of search engine optimization that focuses on making sure that your website, ad or squeeze page, will be listed or appear at the top of the first page of search results for particular key phrases. Conversion Rate Optimization is also known as 'RRO' or 'web conversion rate'. In simple terms, it is about making sure that your marketing message or advert will convince your audience to take that desired action i.e., to visit the linked website or sign up for a particular program or join a program. It is an important factor in any online marketing campaign.

Why is conversion rate optimization important? Studies show that if you have a ten percent conversion rate, then you are making pretty good progress in your marketing efforts. However, if you have a one percent conversion rate, then you would not be meeting your goals. This is why it is very important to increase your conversions.

Let us see how conversion optimization can improve your business. For instance, if your product/service does not have any personal touch, it will not be easy for your customer to remember and identify with you. However, with personal touch the conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategy can work wonders. To increase the conversions, you need to focus on your image source. The image source is the name or URL of your company's main website.

Your website must always provide the right information to visitors. If your website does not do so, then you will lose valuable visitors and this may lead to loss of business. Conversion rate optimization will work wonders if your website is able to give visitors the proper information. The first thing that you need to check out is the navigation and layout of your website. A navigation system is a set of tools which are used to present the information to the visitor in a systematic way. A good navigation system will ensure that the visitors move smoothly and easily from one page to another.

Another thing that can increase the conversions is a good salesman. A good salesman will definitely increase the number of sales. In order to increase the conversions, you must have a good sales copywriting skills. The sales copywriting skills refers to the ability of a salesperson in creating and developing the right words or phrases that will attract the customers and increase their interest to purchase your product/service.

Conversion optimization works well for those companies who have a good marketing plan. For instance, if you run a shopping mall, you will have to increase the traffic to your website. You will have to get the visitors from other websites so that you can increase the number of conversions. If your website does not have any traffic, it will be very difficult to increase the conversions.

Another important part of conversion optimization is creation of the conversion funnel. In simple terms, the funnel refers to the list of visitors who may become the potential customers of a certain product/service. This process should be done step by step. In order to increase the conversions, you will need the help of a conversion optimization expert who will know all the steps of creating the funnel and increase the traffic to the website.

There are many other things that you should keep in mind while using conversion optimization techniques. For instance, you should always put first the importance of the content. If you keep on placing the sales offer after the content, there will be less chances that your visitors will read your offer and visit your website. They will just go to another website where they can find the products that they want. To increase the sales, you need to make sure that the visitors should see the importance of the content before they go to the site.

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