How To Combine SEO And Conversion Rate Optimization For A Stronger Business

Conversion Rate Optimization is a marketing term that most people do not understand or put much thought into. In fact, there are few terms you hear in the marketing world that have any meaning other than "increasing sales." Conversion rate optimization is basically the process of raising the total number of site visitors or clients to take a desired action after reading a sales letter. For example, if you were in the mortgage business, your conversion rate optimization would be trying to get a home loan application approved. You would use several different techniques and strategies along the way to get the job done.

The process begins when the website visitor arrives at your site. Before the customer can do anything, he or she must find out what products or services your company has to offer. They may read several pages of content on your website, check out the About Us and Contact Us sections, and enter their personal information. Once they have entered all this, they have chosen a product, visited your site, and selected a service.

Once your customers get to your site, they need to be converted. There are a variety of methods used for conversion rate optimization. One popular method is called SEO, or search engine optimization. There are other methods, including pay per click advertising, social media advertising, and other forms of paid advertising, but these are the basics.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization? Conversion rate optimization is basically a set of marketing strategies to increase the number of site visitors or clients to a certain action, such as purchasing a product. It is like the success of a jockey winning the race, but instead of focusing on one tiny point, the jockey focuses on the entire race, learning all the rules, and eventually winning the prize. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a set of tactics used in CRO to focus on a specific group of individuals with the goal of getting those individuals to complete a particular task or complete a survey, giving you money.

By looking at the actions of customers and clients after being directed to your site, you can determine what needs to be changed or updated to aid your conversion rate optimization efforts. For example, if you see that a large percentage of your site's visitors are using search engines to find products or services, it may be a good idea to make your site more visible in the search results. Doing so may involve more internal work, such as reviewing keyword lists to identify relevant terms, as well as implementing measures to make your website easier to navigate by search engine spiders.

A more direct approach to conversion rate optimization involves observing how clients react once they arrive at your site. You should ask them where they found you, what they did once they arrived, and what they hope to accomplish once they are on your site. From these observations, you can determine what changes you need to make internally to the processes used to bring new customers to your website. These changes may include updating your copy to better emphasize your company's mission and focus on building a better customer experience.

While you may initially think search engine optimization methods will help you build a stronger client base, search engine rankings don't always reflect your actual conversion rate optimization results. In fact, ranking high for keywords that have little to no traffic, like "exercise," may actually cause you to lose customers. Instead, concentrate your energy on high-bounding keywords and phrases that have much higher conversion rates. Additionally, do not depend entirely on search engine rankings to generate your client list; you can use social media marketing to attract new customers through social networking and the platforms that support it.

Conversion rate optimization is not just about numbers, though. When you build a strong relationship with your clients, you can greatly increase sales while reducing the cost to manage your business. Make sure you encourage communication between you and your customers, whether it's through email phone, or chat. Not all of your customers using the Internet are looking to buy, but remember that they do represent a significant portion of your market. By staying connected with them on a more personal level, you can greatly enhance the chances that they will buy in the future.

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