How Search Engine Optimization and Conversion Optimization Work Together

Search engine optimization (SEO) and conversion optimization can work together to create a powerful marketing nexus. Together, they will increase the number of visitors to your website and boost your conversion rate. Here are some ways to use both of these strategies. You can find out how to maximize your conversions and improve your SEO by following the tips below. And, don't forget to test the changes you make! Google uses a variety of factors to rank web pages, including the user experience, so make sure to make sure that it's easy to navigate.

Testing all aspects of your website. Small changes may not make a huge impact on visitors, but big ideas can produce significant lifts in conversion rates. Headlines, for example, are a key converting element. Changing headlines can increase or decrease conversion rates. Try to test as many variations as possible. This way, you can determine which ones perform better than others. Keep an eye out for headlines that work, because they are a critical part of the conversion funnel.

A/B split testing is another important strategy for conversion optimization. In this method, you test two versions of the same page, one variation against the other, and analyze the results. The more conversions a variation produces, the better. To maximize the benefits of split testing, you must have a good plan that covers all aspects of the test. Consider the type of landing page you are creating and what your audience is looking for. The best way to get started is by looking at a high-converting landing page like Shutterstock.

In order to test different elements, you must determine the minimum number of visits needed for each test. You can manually calculate the sample size using a calculator or Optimizely. A test is only as successful as its statistical power. If you do this, your conversion rate may increase by 5% in three months. And if you want to make a substantial change, you should test a small subset of visitors. If you can test more than one element, then you can use A/B testing.

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