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If you're looking to run an ecommerce website, then you need to know about ecommerce conversion optimization (or ecommerce CRO). This is very important for any web business, and ecommerce CRO is especially critical to your success. CRO is the % of online customers that complete a certain action, purchasing something from your site. Ideally, a good CRO spells off success for your ecommerce website. A high CRO also means that 80 percent of online customers will convert (which means they do it relatively quickly.) That means that if you have a very high CRO, then you can also expect 80 percent of your customers to convert on average as well.

So what is ecommerce CRO? Basically, it's the number one key to ecommerce success. It starts with great web design; your page needs to be visually appealing and easy for people to navigate. However, more than anything else, it has to have excellent ecommerce conversion optimization. There are many tools out there that can help optimize your page, but knowing the basics of ecommerce optimization is crucial to getting the most out of those tools.

First off, keep it simple. Don't make the mistake of thinking that fancy graphics and animations make a flashy page. Unless your main purpose is to draw attention to something, like a special sale, flashy graphics and animations should be reserved for sites with very limited purpose. People have short attention spans, so it's best to stick to the tried and true.

Next, think about navigation. You want people to be able to easily find the information they need on your page. They don't want to have to scroll down or up to find what they're looking for. If they can't find it, chances are they'll leave. That's why ecommerce conversion optimization should include good navigation; it should be easy for visitors to find their way around.

Another important factor is your sales copy. You want to make sure that people are truly interested in what you're selling. Don't waste their time reading a boring sales message. Be informative and entertaining, and you won't go wrong.

Finally, think about your product. What's the benefit to the visitor? Is it related to what he or she is searching for? If it's not, your ecommerce conversion optimization is going to fail. On the other hand, if your page gives a good answer to the question, "What's in it for me?"

People will be more likely to buy if they know they're getting a quality product. If you're selling a cheap knock-off version of a very popular brand of toothpaste, you're going to fail. People have to feel confident that they're buying a good product. You can't sell junk to people. The same holds true for your web pages.

Remember, the purpose of ecommerce conversion optimization isn't just to make money. It's also to do things that improve the quality of user experience and customer loyalty. Those are the kinds of things that will make you money.

You can't expect to have success with ecommerce conversion optimization if you don't have an attractive website. That should be your first priority. It has to be clean, simple and easy to navigate. A site that's confusing is not likely to convert visitors into buyers.

You also have to take steps to ensure your site looks professional and builds trust. Look at what competitors are doing to build their sites. They're all doing the same thing - build compelling pages. If your site doesn't look anything like theirs, you won't achieve much success.

Remember too that ecommerce conversion optimization takes time. There's no magic button that will instantly produce conversions. You're going to have to spend some time tweaking your site and making sure it looks great. Pay attention to your web pages and your content.

The key to a successful conversion is to keep visitors on your site long enough to find something they want to buy. Take some time to optimize your site for your desired purpose. Work with your copywriters to improve the content and structure of your pages. Keep in mind that in the long run, you'll be the one who will be responsible for how successful your site is.

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