Digital Marketing: Best Conversion Rate Optimization Best Practices

Digital Marketing: Best Conversion Rate Optimization Best Practices

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a simple yet highly effective method that can help you increase your web traffic or overall sales volume. It is a simple business model, where a company focuses on the conversion of each customer contact - in essence, converting as many customers as possible to actual sales. CRO is sometimes called "web analytics" because it is essentially an application that collects data from your website and then analyzes this data to improve your website's performance. You will then learn how to make use of that data to make changes to your business so that you can see an improvement in your bottom line. In short, CRO is about improving the number of conversions - not the number of sales.

The goal of this marketing strategy is to find out what method of customer interaction is converting the highest percentage of customers into actual sales. The best way to determine this is to look at how long it takes for a user to complete one step on your website. If it takes more than ten seconds to do one transaction, then that interaction is not converting well, and CRO should be implemented immediately. Therefore, if you want to boost your conversion rate, all you need to focus on is speed - improve your website's speed!

One of the first areas of focus for conversion rate optimization is how you design your landing pages. Ideally, these pages have a two-step processing logic. First, visitors should be able to either proceed directly to the order page or enter their information and have their order placed in their shopping cart. Second, visitors should be able to subscribe to your list or leave your list with the click of a single button.

Another important area to focus on for your website is the amount of time users spend on your site. Many experts and marketing gurus believe that it is better to make changes to your site that make users spend less time on it. For example, instead of adding new pages, consider removing elements such as pop-up windows, flash, and animation. Doing this will make changes to your site easier to implement and will result in higher conversion rates.

A third area is to consider using testing methods that measure the performance of your website. Conversion rate optimization requires that you carefully observe the behavior of your target audience. In fact, you must do a variety of different things to determine which elements of your site are attracting the most attention from your target audience. This includes conducting a variety of web analytics tests, including A/B testing, CTA testing, and multivariate testing.

The conversion rate optimization team will work to ensure that a visitor moves through your website in as little time as possible. In order to do this, your team will create a variety of different paths through your site for visitors to follow. Some might be presented with a pop-up window, while others will be directed to a specific landing page. Other visitors might be automatically redirected to a sales page or the sign-up form, while others will be moved through a newsletter sign-up form.

Depending upon which path a visitor takes, that information can help in determining what actions need to be taken. Some visitors may be turned away as a result of clicking on a link to another location on your website. Conversely, some visitors may be encouraged to fill out a form. On the other hand, some visitors may be encouraged to sign up for a newsletter. In addition to determining which path a visitor takes and how it affects the conversion rate optimization, you should also track the performance of your landing pages. For example, do they appear only briefly before becoming disabled, or are they equally active throughout the entire duration of your website?

Your conversion rate optimization best practices team should also be in the business of learning about the preferences of your target audience. After all, visitors have diverse likes and dislikes. Some would like to see splash pages with lots of bright colors. Others would prefer to view text links sprinkled throughout the site. There are also those who would rather view video advertisements instead of just reading text content. Knowing the preferences of your audience ensures that you will always present your products and services in the most appealing way possible.

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