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Conversion rate optimization (CRO) has been in vogue for quite some time now and it is nothing new to those who have kept a track on SEO or Internet Marketing in general. Conversion rate optimization is basically the act of enhancing the ratio of site traffic or users taking a desired action from your website. It is also known as the conversion metric, since it measures the percentage of people visiting a site and actually making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or filling out a form on the website.

Any good CRO strategy should start with goals and objectives. These should be specific and measurable. It is important to set your conversion goals as well as your quantitative goals that are easier to measure. It is best to start with your business objectives as these can vary from company to company. When setting your goals, it is important to set realistic ones so you can keep the focus on your goals and not get too much carried away by unrealistic expectations.

Once you have established your business objectives, you can start planning for the appropriate tools to use in the field of conversion rate optimization. In most cases, web analytics is considered one of the best tools to help in the process. Web analytics, though not free, can be used with minimal costs and can provide valuable information to your CRO strategy. This can include things like web site visitor behavior, search engine rankings, page rank, and even conversion rates.

Conversion rate optimization can also include other strategies. One strategy is to train your employees to be more efficient at driving traffic to the website. They can also work hand in hand with you to determine the correct methods for promoting your products. In addition, they can also ensure that the marketing techniques being used are targeting your target market or specific demographic. Employees who are efficiently trained will be able to drive more traffic and sales to the website.

In terms of the CRO strategies themselves, conversion rate optimization has a number of sub-strategy types. The first is called the search engine optimization, or SEO. This is an important aspect of the overall CRO strategy because it focuses on search engines. Most businesses choose to do their optimization based on keywords. However, search engines are very complex and can take quite some time to analyze. Therefore, SEO is an important component of the overall optimization strategy.

SEO should also make sure that the pages being promoted are also being optimized for keywords. This is where SEO takes things a step further by making sure that the targeted keyword phrases are incorporated into the content of the page. In addition to page rank, SEO should also focus on meta tags, title tags, image tags, and alternate image tags.

Another important element of conversion rate optimization includes the use of keywords and key phrases in titles. In fact, when optimizing for SEO, most businesses will include the key phrase or key words somewhere within the body of the text. For example, if someone were to type in the term "affiliate marketing" into a search engine, they would get a list of many different articles that discuss the subject matter. However, if the article they were looking at was titled something like "Conversion Rate Optimization for Affiliate Marketers," it would likely include phrases that pertain to that topic, as well as a couple of key phrases that pertain to conversion rates.

In addition to search engine optimized content, SEO also needs to create web pages that are optimized for conversion rates. For example, the sales page for a product should have a specific call to action elements, which directs the reader to click on the "buy now" button. In addition, the page should also contain a section that advertises the conversion rate of each product. This section may direct the reader to the company's website in order to find out more about the specific products being sold.

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