Conversion Rate Optimization - What is It?

Conversion rate optimization or CRO is a strategic internet marketing practice that aims at improving the number of conversions in a website from a new or potential customer to a registered user. In short, it is about making a particular website more attractive and appealing to users. Conversion Rate Optimization is also known as CRO and has its own sets of pros and cons. This article highlights some of these.

The aim of any internet marketer is to increase traffic or page views. Obviously, the better the traffic is to a website the more effective it would be for the company. And considering the huge potential number of internet users worldwide, this objective is easily reachable. Conversion rate optimization aims at improving the conversion rate of website traffic or site visitors to a site owner.

To put it simply, a good CRO practice would be one that makes a website more attractive to site visitors and leads. The basic idea is to design a website that stands out from the crowd of similar websites available on the internet. It should be easily navigable and the information on the website should be easy to find and access. It should offer the visitor something extra, which in return would motivate him/her to visit the website. The prime focus of Conversion Rate Optimization is to provide such incentives that motivate visitors and lead them to taking a more desired action - signing up for a particular service or product on the website.

However, it must be understood that it is not an easy task to achieve good conversion rates. It takes a lot of effort and time on the part of website owners. It is not uncommon to see websites that employ several techniques for improving the conversion rates. It is often seen that a number of strategies are adopted by website owners to improve the conversion rate.

A common tactic would be to make the website more search engine friendly. This could be done by using keywords strategically placed on the website content. For instance, if the keyword "pet grooming services" is used a number of times on the website, then it would be of some advantage to the website owner. However, this should not be done much because keywords and keyword placement should be chosen carefully to make the site search engine friendly.

Another tactic would be to improve the traffic on the website. It is believed that the more traffic the better for improving conversion rate. For instance, if there is a website offering pet grooming service, and the number of pets brought for grooming is low, it may be assumed that this will have a negative effect on conversion. To improve traffic on the website, the content should be created as well and it should be updated regularly so that the audience gets a chance to know about new things on the website.

A website could be made search engine friendly by adding a few more parameters to it. For instance, if the website has a section where the visitors to leave their email addresses, it would be an added advantage. The owner could use this section for sending out periodic newsletters or perhaps special discounts or freebies on products. Also, by including a form on the home page, it would help to attract more visitors. This form could be used for getting the email addresses of the visitors, for contacting them later, or even to follow up on them if they chose to purchase something.

Conversion rate optimization should be taken into consideration by website owners when they are optimizing their websites. The traffic should be improved so as to attract more customers to the website and thus improve conversion rates. One of the best ways to get more traffic to the website is to optimize it with search engine friendly techniques.

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