Common Website Design Mistakes People Make

Digital marketing professionals are constantly looking for new ways to improve their digital marketing strategies. This includes improving the quality content on their websites, increasing the web traffic that is sent to the site, and making changes to their social media strategy. Having bad website design elements can have long-term effects on your company's success. Many good website design experts, social media experts, and consumer groups and business owners frequently share common mistakes they see on business websites today.

What Are the Effects of Online Marketing Mistakes on Your Website?

There are common website design mistakes people make when it comes to online marketing. They’re usually not targeting their digital marketing efforts at the ideal client, not doing enough keyword research, or aren’t writing compelling copy. All of these things will result in less organic traffic and fewer conversions.

You need to write compelling copy and make sure that your web page and other digital channels are optimized through different crucial strategies in order to see real, positive results in your business. You can learn more about some of these strategies below.

Using Basic Templates Prevents You from Standing Out

Don’t use a basic template. Web designers often make this mistake. Another common mistake is using the same basic web development platform. Both methods of web development lead to the same end result: you spend money to get a potential client to your site.

What happens if your website visitors leave your web page within the first few seconds just because of its bad design? Does your digital marketing strategy, including social media and SEO services, need to be changed to accommodate this new strategy? These are some important questions to consider.

Tips on Creating an Effective SEO Strategy

The next step of creating your SEO strategy is learning how to optimize your web page for search engines. This means knowing what specific keywords are relevant to your target audience and finding ways to incorporate those keywords into the copy that you write. One of the easiest ways to do this is through keyword research.

Other digital marketing mistakes that often get people into trouble are over advertising, using words that are too general, advertising products that are not relevant, or exceeding keyword limits.

Gaining Organic Results on Your Website

The third step in creating your SEO strategy is learning how to optimize your website for organic search engine results. There are different methods of ranking your website in search engines such as using pay-per-click advertising, article submissions, blogs, press releases, and backlinking.

A good pro-tip for all of these methods is to make sure that your existing website is listed in the top 10 results for each keyword that you are trying to rank for.

Why Layout is Crucial

Lastly, when creating your digital marketing plan, you’ll want to make sure that you have a well laid out website with content highly relevant to your target audience.

The last thing you want to do is build a website that looks great, has a great color scheme, is very easy to navigate, and has lots of interactive features, but no one in your target audience sees it. You want to work hard to target your digital marketing efforts to your market, in the hopes that they’ll find you through the various channels that you have established.

Importance of a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Another common web design mistake is not having a well thought out social media plan. For a website owner, it seems as though social media has become a part of their daily routine.

In order for social media marketing to be successful, a solid social media plan is required to include the content, sharing buttons, information about the brand, and key messages. You’ll also want to consider the overall tone of the message that you wish to convey. SEO is becoming more important for internet marketing campaigns in the modern era.

Utilization of Content Marketing on Your Website

In content marketing, there are many ways in which SEO can impact the success of a website, but unfortunately not every company understands the true value and necessity of content marketing.

In order to be successful, a company must first be aware of the target audience that they wish to attract. The keywords or phrases that will be used on the website should be in direct association with that potential customer. For example, if you are targeting the automotive industry, then you wouldn’t want to use words such as motorcycle parts or car parts. On the other hand, if you were to advertise dog training, then you could include the word "training" in the content.

If you’re looking to attract a specific site visitor, there are tools that can help you do so by showing you which words and phrases are more likely to attract that audience.

You can also learn about the best times of day for certain search terms to bring you the most organic website traffic. This allows you to be able to drive traffic to your site and begin building your online business. If you make the mistake of doing this in an amateurish manner, you’ll find that, as a business owner, you’ll fail to grow as fast as you had hoped.

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