A Maturity Model For Conversion Rate Optimization

Online marketing departments can handle a range of conversion-related tasks without IT involvement. For instance, the content and structure of a microsite can be changed without the involvement of IT, while other parts of the main website are managed by online marketing departments. A formal stand-alone CRO team with full-time positions and a manager reports to the CMO will define strategic priorities and prioritize projects according to their impact. In addition, members of the CRO team receive regular formal training.

While it is essential to track the growth of your website, tracking complicated metrics is not necessary. For small and medium-sized businesses, focusing on micro-conversions will yield higher ROI than the average. A site without images, for example, is like a brick-and-mortar store without products. By incorporating these factors, you'll increase conversion rates while improving your sales. Here are some examples of micro-conversions that you can use to optimize your web design and content.

Split testing is an important tool for improving your conversion rate. Split testing involves deploying two or more versions of the same page or variable and determining which version converts better. In these articles, you'll learn how to conduct A/B split testing, and get tips on protocol and data collection. When split testing, make sure to measure both versions, and compare the results. This will ensure that you can maximize your conversion rates while minimizing your SEO costs.

A/B testing and machine learning are two key types of conversion optimization tools that are becoming more commonplace. Machine learning, in particular, uses AI to deliver more relevant and personalized experiences to website visitors. Machine learning and AI applications can empower marketers to optimize website conversion rates by helping them make more informed decisions. AI-driven website design and marketing strategies can increase revenue and profit. AI-based decision-making can be an invaluable tool for growth marketers and B2B marketers alike.

A formal CRO team should have full-time members and be managed within a department. Ideally, the CRO team should have a direct line manager, but the CRO team may consist of a juggle of departments. The CRO team should be accountable for identifying and meeting high-impact CRO objectives. Ultimately, it should drive the entire marketing strategy. So, if you are thinking about implementing a CRO strategy for your website, consider these tips for success.


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